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Newspaper and Magazine Articles

1930 - 1950


Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal

Friday 10 January 1930

West Hallam

Childran't Party—About 150 West Hallam youngsters were entertained to tea in the Girls' School on Friday. After tea Father Christmas paid a visit. So overcome was he with his Christmas exertions that he had to make use of a bath chair, but nevertheless he handed out presents from the lovely Christmas tree to each of the youngsters present. Later in the evening Mr. F. M. Brown presented the prizes to the elder scholars of the parish Sunday school. The whole of the arrangements had been made by- the rector, the Rev. W. Ratcliffe  and his wife, who had worked exceedingly hard to make the evening so successful.

Derby Daily Telegraph

Monday 24 February 1930

West Hallam Scouts

WEST HALLAM SCOUTS Fine scenes witnessed the enrolment in West Hallam, yesterday, of the newly-formed troop of scouts under Scoutmaster Mr. Phillip Rook.

About 200 scouts marched from Ilkeston to West Hallam, a distance of 2 ½ miles, headed by a bugle band. A service was held in the village church conducted by Rev. W. Ratcliffe. After the service all the scouts were reviewed by their District Commissioner, Mr. F.Dd. Roberts.

Nottingham Evening Post

Wednesday 07 September 1932

West Hallam Hall Tragedy

Mr. Spencer Rook's Fatal Worries

Fits Of Depression


“That deceased died from revolver wound in the right temple and that he committed suicide while of unsound mind “was the verdict returned by Mr. R. N. Whiston, the district coroner, at the inquest held at West Hallam Hall, near Ilkeston, to-day, on the body of Mr. Spencer Henry Rook, who died on Monday night. Evidence of identification was given by Wm. Robert Rook, of Edwalton, brother. He said that deceased was a member of the firm of Messrs. Skinner and Rook, grocers and wine merchants, Nottingham, and was 49 years of acre. Witness last saw his brother on Wednesday or Thursday of last week and he then appeared to very ill. “He came to business," added witness, “but we sent him back home." He had been ailing for some three or four years and had undergone several operations. He suffered from fits of depression which - were very acute times. He was worried about his health, and was fully convinced that he had only a year or more to live. They could not dissuade him from that idea. Witness added that deceased had nothing else to worry about more than the ordinary man business* and he had no knowledge that he kept a revolver, "except we all had them”


The Coroner “You never heard him make any suggestion about taking his own life”?

Witness: Well he always said if he died he would like to die on the hunting field. Of course he was giving up hunting because of his eyesight, and he was very worried about having to give it up.

Dr. Crawford Adams, said he examined the body in the attic on Monday night, by the aid of candle light. There was a wound in the right temple, and a revolver was lying on the floor about a foot, away from the body. Gladys Violet Blower, housemaid, said she assisted in a search for Mr. Rook on Monday evening, on the instructions of Mrs. Rook. After searching in the grounds she eventually went the attic where she found the body and immediately afterwards the police were informed. P.c. Bellamy gave evidence of receiving the revolver produced from Dr. Adams, and said that it contained three live cartridges and one spent cartridge.

Derby Daily Telegraph

Monday 17 July 1933


A flannel dance was held in the Memorial Hall, West Hallam, in aid of the newly-formed tennis club. Upwards of 100 people attended, and the music was supplied by the Metro Gnomes Dance Band. The duties of M.C. were carried out by Mr. H. Everton. The arrangements were carried out by the Tennis Club Committee.

Derby Daily Telegraph

Tuesday 16 June 1936

Lights At West Hallam

Reply To Scheme Criticism

"Local Government Elector," writing to the editor of the "Telegraph" on the subject of the West Hallam lighting scheme, says:

I should be glad if you will allow me a little space in your paper to reply to a few facts re the West Hallam lighting scheme, which have appeared a previous issue of the Telegraph." I think an erroneous idea is being put before the electors of West Hallam with regard to this scheme.

The sixpenny rate mentioned is a threepenny rate, which will be put on each half year. The Parish Council will be allowed ten years which to pay for this scheme.


A threepenny rate issued each half year would, at the end of two years, leave the Council with a balance in hand of between £60 and £70 and which would be used towards paying off the remaining balance and, what is more important, will enable the Council to reduce the rate to 2d. each half year. In addition the Gas Company undertakes to keep in repair, free of charge, all standards, etc., and at the end of the period these would be the properly of the parish. As a supporter of the scheme, and a ratepayer I fail to see why the Lighting Act should not be adopted.

Derby Daily Telegraph

Saturday 01 May 1937


A whist drive and dance in aid of the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary was held in the Memorial Hall, West Hallam last night. The M.C.s for whist were Mr. T. H. Anthony and Mr. R. Denton, and the M.C. for dancing was Mr. R. Heathcote. Prizes were presented by Mrs. T. H. Anthony to Mrs. S. Pepper, Mrs. E Stafford, Mrs. H. Leeson, Mrs. Rollinson Mrs. Bonser, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Oldfleld, and Mr. C. Bailey. Mrs. C. Martin and Mr. A. Tomlinson were in charge the arrangements.

Derby Daily Telegraph

Saturday 22 January 1938


Mr. George Horsnall and Mr. C. Murfln organised a concert held at West Hallam Memorial Hall last night. Artists included the Coronation Carnival Band, Messrs. B. Bromage and J. Singleton. Miss Margaret Adams, Miss E. Land, Miss E Halston, and Messrs. J. Kennedy, Hodgson. E. Bainford, Gibling and A. Hallam.

Derby Daily Telegraph

Wednesday 05 October 1938

New Rector Of West Hallam

Overseal Curate Appointed

The Rev. W. R. Lloyd Jones, who has been curate at St. Matthew's Church, Overseal, in the parish of Netherseal and Overseal, near Burton, has been appointed Rector of West Hallam, in succession to the Rev. W. T. Ratcliffe, who recently left to become Vicar of St. Mathias's, Birmingham.

Mr. Lloyd Jones is a native of Wales. He was educated at Jesus College, Oxford, where he took his B.A. in 1931 and his M.A. in 1935, and also at St. Michael's College. Llandaff.

He was ordained deacon in 1931 and priest in 1932. Mr. Lloyd Jones's first curacy was at Monkton, where he served from 1931 to 1934. From 1934 to 1937 he was curate at Eglwysnewydd.

Councillor J. Derbyshire, peoples warden of West Hallam Parish Church, told a "Telegraph" representative today that the date of the induction service was not yet fixed, but was expected to take place within the next few weeks

Derby Daily Telegraph

Monday 15 February 1943

West Hallam Doctor And Wife Die On Same Day

Dr and Mrs. A. Crawford Adams, of West Hallam, died yesterday within a few hours of each other. The doctor, who had been in Derbyshire Royal Infirmary for five weeks, died there at 12.30 p.m. Although Mrs. Adams was not physically strong, she was quite well until then and when told of her husband's death received the news with no obvious sign of shock.


Shortly afterwards, however, she had a stroke. Her condition gave rise to anxiety. A message was sent for an ambulance to take her to the infirmary, but she died at 6 p.m. before the ambulance reached her home - 8, Newdigate Road, West Hallam. Throughout the West Hallam district both will be much missed, for Dr. Adams was "more than a doctor" to the residents. He went to the village 34 years ago from Nottingham, where he had held an appointment at a dispensary. He was a native of Omagh, Northern Ireland. It was in Nottingham that he met his wife and they were married in 1911. Dr. and Mrs. Adams leave one son, John Crawford Adams, F.R.C.S., who is in the R.A.F.V.R. and serving overseas, and a daughter.

Nottingham Evening Post

Wednesday 28 July 1943

Post Office, West Hallam

Vacancy For Sub-Postmaster

Applications for the above are invited from inhabitants of West Hallam with suitable premises to offer. Full Particulars Supplied on Application. Apply to the Head Postmaster. G.O.O. Derby.

Derby Daily Telegraph

Saturday 24 January 1948


Important Dispersal Sale

Head House Farm,


8 miles from Derby and 2 miles from Ilkeston. 5 minutes walk from the Newdigate Arms. West Hallam.
By instructions from Mr. E. A. - Moorhouse (who has sold the farm and is going abroad).

Sale of the whole of the Valuable LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK comprising: 62 Beasts viz.:30 Dairy Heifers and Cows; 6 home-bred Heifers, served; 9 coloury homebred Yearling Stirks; Pedigree bred Ayrshire Bull; and 14 reared and rearing Ayrshire Cross Cow Calves. Pony Turnout. 60 head of Poultry, viz.: 30 1947 hatch filets 12 Hens and 18 Ducks.

Implements. Harness, and Dairy Utensils including: Allis-Chalmers tractor 1941, International 2-furrow plough, Nicholson 9-time Cultivator, Set of Ransome Disc Harrows, Triple Cambridge Roll, 13-spout disc Drill. Metal Saw Bench. Poultry Houses. 10 tons Sawn Logs etc., etc., on MONDAY, JANUARY 26,1948. to commence at 11 a.m.

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