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Comments 2021


Walked along all I could of the Nottingham to Derby GNR line in early 2018 and was eager to find pictures of the bridge which crossed High Lane East. Am just doing a small video production of what I witness for my own use and was delighted to see the pictures of Thelson Bridge. Many thanks for including them on your website.

S & S R


Comments 2020


Can I say what a great job you are doing with the Mapperley website B R



Comments 2019


Astonished at the amount and quality of material you have gathered for Mapperley Village and its inhabitants. I cannot imagine how much effort you have expended.



CanadaThank you so much for all the information and taking the time to collate it all. I loved the Easter egg drawing too.

P M Canada



Thank You for all your work and the website concerning local history



Comments 2018


9th November

The children were fascinated by your website the other day, especially seeing the photographs of the village and the school as it used to be. Thank you for the hard work you have put into it, as it is a really wonderful site.

R Cripps, Mapperley C of E School


April 29th

Fantastic photos, I have never seen them before



April 17th

I am astounded at the information on your site and it surely must be one of those sites that are rare but yet give out so much history of the local villages and people in them. This is all so important because otherwise it all gets lost in the annals of time.



March 27th

Just been looking at your web site again. Absolutely top class and what an interesting amount of news there is on it. I will in slow time look at all the stuff on the web relating to West Hallam, mind blowing.



13 Feb 2018

I had to write and say how fantastic your Mapperley History site is.
I loved it - such hard work.

We do Geocaching - which is like a treasure hunt from given coordinates and someone has set one where you have to find about history of things in certain places and two of them involve Mapperley. Once I started reading your site - it was like a good book - I couldn't put it down. I just had to contact you to tell you.

Once again an excellent site.



Comments 2017


30 Jan 2018

What a fantastic website, honestly the best I have ever seen. Well done, you have worked wonders.



3 Oct 2017

I have had so much pleasure seeing all the photos and reading all the stories.


22 Sep 2017

Hello, I have just discovered these marvellous photos. The little girl at the end of the middle row is me. I lived in Shipley at the time in a house called, 'The Gardens'. I think the year was 1951 as I left Mapperley school when I was 7 years old. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to look through all these photos and see my lovely old friends whom I haven't seen or heard of since the day I left. Thank you.



19 May 2017

We hope to visit your village and finding your site I'll be sending my relatives the link - really interesting and informative - thank you.



4 May 2017

Just looking at your excellent site. I have a photograph which I think will interest you and will send to you.



30 April 2017
Your site is very impressive, full of interesting stuff, and you are to be commended for all your work on it.  Well done.



April 2017
It was nice to read about Mapperley Village in Ilkeston Life newspaper as my grandmother was born in the village and may still have a relation there who could be her great niece, I think her grandma Rose was my grandmothers sister. My grandmother is buried in the church yard under the name of Gertrude Stenson her maiden name was Birkin and the desk in the church was given by her a long while ago, it was still there about 5 years ago. I wish I could be there with you for your celebrations but can't as I live in Cornwall. Wishing you all the best.



P1 p3

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