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Roger Woods Articles as shown in WHM Magazines from November 2017

1914 – 1918 A Time to Reflect


Throughout the Country the real horrors of the War was soon realised. Casualty lists in West Hallam, Mapperley and the surrounding district was rapidly growing. Every family affected, by losing a close relative or knowing that a neighbours’ boy would not be coming home. The promise that the conflict would be over in months had now become untrue. Families turned to prominent members of the community for help and advice. One man, the headmaster Ernest Edrick Raby was deeply affected. He had taught his boys to a good standard of education in the hope that on leaving school they would be on the road to a much better future. Giving them the opportunities, their parents could only dream of. On receiving the news that Lance Corporal Walter Toplis had been killed (Son of John Toplis  the village wheelwright), his grief was shown for the first time in public. Walter had become the seventh “Scargillian” to die in the conflict. (All Mr Raby’s boys).

The West Hallam War Memorial names those that served 63 and those that died 9 from the Parish.
Of the 9 men named on the War Memorial 7 had attended Scargill Boys School. Our brave “Scargillians”.

The names of the Fallen named on the West Hallam war Memorial:


Sacred to the Memory

1). Private 27371 David Johnson Barber - Oxford and Buckingham Light Infantry (Scargillian) (Occupation Banker).

Born: 18 February 1886 Hallam Fields, Derbyshire.
Died: 07 April 1917 Salonika.
Son of William Barber and Ruth Ellen (Johnson). 40 years Farmer and Landlord and Landlady White Hart West Hallam.
Husband of Lilian Joyce (Beresford). (Sister of Frank Ernest Beresford of Belper). (Derbyshire Artist).

Father of:

  • Joyce Louise Barber
  • Peter Brian Barber
2). Private 30455 Thomas Brown - 16th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Scargillian) (Occupation Coal Miner)

Born: 05 October 1893 West Hallam.
Died: 06 June 1916 France.
Son of Arthur Brown and Annie (Bacon). Coalminer.
Husband of May (Chambers).

Father of:

  • Dorothy May Brown
  • Peggy Brown
3). Corporal 3952 Frederick Bancroft - 9th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Scargillian) (Occupation Coal Miner). (Hero of West Hallam Boer War Moedwil)

Born: 17 February 1875 West Hallam.
Died: 09 August 1915 Gallipoli.
Son of George Bancroft and Mary (Brewin). Coalminer (deceased).
Husband of Kate (Glenn).

Brother of Gunner 432 Wilfred Bancroft Royal Field Artillery (Scargillian).
Born: 26 August 1890 West Hallam.
Died 28 April 1917 Mickleover Asylum due to effects of Shell Shock.

4). Driver 867 Robert Elliott - Royal Field Artillery (Derbyshire Artillery) (Scargillian) (Occupation Cowhand).

Born: 28 January 1892 West Hallam.
Died 28 February 1915 Kimberley, Nottinghamshire. Died of Tuberculosis (T.B.) following the effects of war.
Son of Robert Erasmus Elliott and Emily (Sims).

Worked for Richard Morris of the Grange, Cock Orchard, West Hallam. Farmer and Poultry Dealer.

5). Driver 800726 Wilfrid Flint - ‘D’ Battery Royal Field Artillery (Scargillian) (Occupation Coal Miner).

Born: 28 December 1888 West Hallam.
Died: 17 October 1917 France.
Son of Thomas Flint and Eliza (Bostock). Coal Miner.

Killed in Action. Died with his close friend and colleague (Brothers in Arms):
Driver 27070 George Harlow Royal Field Artillery.
Buried together Sailly-Labourse Communal Cemetery Extension. Graves: Row C. Plots 11 and 12.

6). Rifleman S/5765 Edgar Hartley - 11th Battalion Rifle Brigade (Scargillian) (Occupation Apprentice Colliery Engineer).

Born: 19 December 1895 Stanley, Derbyshire.
Died: 10 July 1916 France.

Son of Joseph Hartley and Ann Elizabeth (Hall). Joseph was a Colliery Engineer at Stanley “Nibby” Pit. Lived at Newdigate Street, West Hallam.

7). Corporal 815243 Thomas Abel Petitt - ‘B’ Battery 178th Brigade Royal Field Artillery (Occupation Coal Miner)

Born: 1888 Peterborough
Died: 14 November 1918 France.

Son of Henry George Petitt and Mary (Bunn).
Husband of Miriam Elizabeth (Short). Living at 24 Lime Street, Ilkeston.

8). Gunner L/23254 Henry James Preece - 125th Battalion Royal Field Artillery (Occupation Apprentice Colliery Electrician, Wet Hallam Colliery, Old Pit Lane).

Born: 1895 Weston in Arden, Warwickshire.
Died: 22 October 1918 France.

Son of Henry Preece and Charlotte (Bond). Farmer and Landlord of the Newdigate Arms Inn, High Lane West Hallam.
Husband of Florence Bertha (Staniforth).

Father of:

  • Harry William Preece.
9). Lance Corporal G/3210 Walter Toplis - 10th Battalion The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). (Scargillian). (Occupation Apprentice Electrician).

Born: 05 June 1892 West Hallam.
Died: 20 September 1917 France.

Son of John Toplis (Village Wheelwright) and Elizabeth Anne (Dakin).

Notes: In respect to the late Mr. Frank Hartshorne who shared his memories of his Late Headmaster Ernest Edrick Raby. (Headmaster of Scargill School for 37 years).

R. Wood

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