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Mountford House School - Northend, Park Hall Lane, West Hallam

I would like to tell you about my old school Mountford House, Park Hall Lane, West Hallam during late 60's early 70's, I do have some great memories of being there - we had some brilliant times. Christmas and Birthday parties, serious snow weather and proper summers and thunderstorms in those days, so I remember!  Great trips to Swimming in Derby, Thursdays I think, and special treat of Spaghetti hoops on toast for tea when we got back! 

Also, lovely, 'proper' dripping on bread and butter.  All sorts. I didn't like the rounder’s games though in the back grounds sports field, but loved the Brownie Guide campfire meetings in the old orchard at the back, singing such great old songs as 'Under the spreading chestnut tree', with all the movements of arms etc we had to do to the song, as they did in those days! Great fun - as with Sports Day, when all the parents came to watch us, and we had the Three-legged race, the Sack race, Wheelbarrow race - all good fun!

I do remember well too, Mr and Mrs Hill - Mrs Hill used to be our Cook, but she used to let us help with doing the toast under the grill for breakfast etc   Mr Hill as the gardener, handyman and such, as well as running his farm, which I also remember had cows, as we used to go and have a look at them sometimes!  He used to look after the boiler down the dark steps in the courtyard, but we used to have great fun helping in the fields with the hay bales and such, and a brilliant Guy Fawkes bonfire night every year, with homemade Treacle Toffee made by Mrs Hill, and also foil wrapped hot baked potatoes!  Too many great memories!

The main house was a lovely old house, with lead-pained windows, and a rose garden in front, with a cobbled courtyard, with what used to be stables around the courtyard, which we used as classrooms.  It also had an annexe or cottage in the courtyard, with wonderful lawns at the back with a round, stone edged man-made pond, and an orchard beyond the lawn.  The two head-mistresses were Nancy Sutton and Jessie Halcrow.
I remember, amongst other things,

It had a lovely curved tree-lined driveway too) - I know one of the girls who were there with me at the time - her parents, I believe, bought the school - the Springthorpes.  

Lisa MacLeod (nee Barber) - Mevagissey

My sincere thanks to Lisa for her memories and wonderful photographs.
If you remember the school or used to attend it, I would love to hear from you.

Mountford House Aerial

Aerial Photo of Mountford House, Date Unknown. Showing Sports Day Lawn, Orchard, Courtyard and Classrooms

School girls courtyard

School Girls in Courtyard


Deborah Chaplin, Danielle Carr and Georgina Brooksbank on Barrel Frame


Either Danielle Carr or Jacqueline Howells on Bars in Back Grounds, Walled Sandpit on Her Right


In the Garden Playground by Ballet Kindergarten, Mrs Stanley


Jacqueline Howells and Danielle Carr in Courtyard


Jane Archer in the Courtyard


Louise Hallam and Sally Wright in the Courtyard and Showing the Lodge


Matron, Miss Nancy? Dalgliesh


Mrs Stanley

One of My Reports from West Hallam School


Stables and Classrooms in Courtyard


Two Boys Playing in the Field Playground


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