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West Hallam


By Andy Sanders and Fitzherbert Wright Family by Roger Wood

Muriel Harriet Fletcher
Born 2nd Feb 1873 Ottawa, Canada, moved to London in 1881 then married and moved to West Hallam in 1903. She lived at the old West Hallam Hall until 1913 then the picture was given to John Burrows  the Head Gardener at the hall who lived in Mapperley village.

Muriel Harriet Fletcher

Mrs Fitzherbert Wright of West Hallam, 1896
The pastel was given by Mr FitzHerbert Wright to John Burrows, head Gardener at the Hall
on the occasion of the Wright family leaving

Died 30th June 1953 at Winchester, England (aged 80)
Married 13th Sept 1894 Captain Henry FitzHerbert Wright
(maternal great-grandfather of the Duchess Of York – Sarah Ferguson through her mother Susan Barrantes
Born 9th Oct 1870
Died 23rd Feb 1947 (aged 76)

Captain Henry FitzHerbert Wright was born in 1870. He was the son of FitzHerbert Wright and Charlotte Rudolphine Louise von Beckmann. He married Muriel Harriet Fletcher, daughter of Colonel Henry Charles Fletcher and Lady Harriet Marsham. He died in 1947.

He was admitted to Inner Temple in 1895 entitled to practice as a Barrister-at-Law. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Herefordshire, Leominster Division between 1912 and 1918. He lived at Yeldersley Hall, Derbyshire near to Ashbourne.


The Residency of Muriel Harriet and Captain Henry FitzHerbert Wright

West Hallam Old Hall – from 1903 until 1913



Children - Violet Francis, Fitzherbert, Stephen Camplyon and Muriel Joyce Wright were born during residency

Yeldersley Hall, Yeldersley, near Ashbourne

From 1913 until the death of Captain Henry FitzHerbert in 1947

Child - Judith Harriet born during residency.

Children - Helen Hermione, Margaret Stella and Evelyn Muriel – Unsure as to where these were

Children of Captain Henry FitzHerbert Wright and Muriel Harriet FitzHerbert Wright (nee Fletcher)

  1. Helen Hermione Wright – Born 12 Nov 1897, Died 1952  (married 8th July 1919 to Rudolph Philip Elwes)
  2. Margaret Stella Wright – Born 14 Sept 1899, Died ?  (married twice)
  3. Evelyn Murial Wright – Born 24 Oct 1901, Died ?  (married 22nd July 1926 to William Robert Norris Hinde)
  4. Violet Francis Wright – Born 20 May 1904, Died ?  (married 14th July 1927 to James Gordon Leaf)
  5. Fitzherbert Wright – Born 1 Sept 1905, Died 1975  (married Doreen Julia Wingfield)
  6. Stephen Camplyon Wright – Born 12 April 1907, Died March 1977 (married 3 times)
  7. Muriel Joyce Wright – Born 9 Dec 1909, Died 1944  (never married)
  8. Judith Harriet Wright – Born 6 May 1914, Died 6 May 1993 (married twice)

The Height Chart

A couple of years ago, as I stripped lining paper from the walls of the former dining room, and soon-to-be lounge of our wedding venue, some odd pencil marks were revealed for the first time in decades. What were these mysterious lines, dates and initials I had discovered?


Stephen Camplyon Wright – Height measured in Jan and Sept 1918 (aged 10 yrs 6 mths and at 11 yrs 2 mths)
Muriel Joyce Wright –  Height measured in Jan and Sept 1918 (aged 8 yrs 2 mths and again at 8 yrs 10 mths)

Descendants of “Muriel Harriet” Fletcher

Ancestry of “Muriel Harriet” Fletcher

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