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West Hallam

West Hallam Parish Council
Community Awards 2000

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Certificate and mug presented to all recipients of the award. These were kindly provided by Pauline Fearn who is still very much involved in many organisations and clubs in West Hallam and flowers and cleaning rotas at St. Wilfrid's.

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West Hallam and District Labour Club and Institute

24th December 1929


Children’s Christmas Party

The Members of the West Hallam and District Labour Club invited their children to tea. The children numbered 65 and sat down to tea. After tea, crackers were pulled and the room assumed a real Carnival appearance. This was followed by a Cinema performance, which was much enjoyed and appreciated. After games, sweets, nuts and oranges were presented and the children went home in high Spirits. (The Derbyshire Advertiser 3rd January 1930 page 15)

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