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West Hallam Village Hall

The Village, West Hallam, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 6GR

1852 - Exciting News from West Hallam

(Girls School, in what is now the Village Hall)

Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal Friday 14 May 1852. Page 3.

A new GIRLS SCHOOL is in the course of erection at West Hallam and it is expected to be completed during the early part of this Summer.

This will be the THIRD village school built named after its Founder the Reverend John Scargill (1588-1662). Rector of West Hallam (1638-1662). The new school is being built to the highest standards, being purpose built to educate Infants and Girls. Mr Isaac Rowbottom Headmaster of the Boy’s school is already preparing the school ready for the first intake of scholars. He will then hand the school over to the newly appointed Head Mistress.

Building Specification

A building built on sound foundations. Built on the former village stone quarry site. Designed, to give light, warmth and plenty of space. With attached living accommodation provided for the new Head Mistress.

Excellent lavatorial, and playground facilities have also been included. A school allowing, staff to provide a sound education, in a safe environment for all its proposed 80 pupils.

A handsome brick school built by the Trustees of the Scargill Foundation at a cost of £300, excluding bricks and roof tiles,  which have been given by the Lord of the Manor, Francis Newdigate. Bricks and tiles supplied from his recently refurbished brickyard, situated on High Lane, West Hallam. All manufactured, under the supervision of Mr. George Adamson site foreman.

Official Opening of New West Hallam Girls School

1st May 1853

The Derby Mercury Wednesday 27 April 1853 reported that the School had now attained completion being officially opened 1st May 1853.

Mary Martin the first Head Mistress, was the daughter of Francis and Sarah Martin the landlord and landlady of the Punch Bowl Inn. Mary later married Samuel Potter of Stanley Hall.

Soon the pupil numbers at both the Scargill schools increased rapidly.

In 1860  91 boys attended Mr. Rowbottom’s school (This included 66 Pensioners).

With 84 girls attending Mrs. Potter’s school.

Head Teachers/School Teachers

With the increase in scholars, in 1865, Faith Louise Maria Derbyshire (1846-1879) the daughter of Joshua and Frances Derbyshire of Lewcote Gate, West Hallam was employed as an Assistant Teacher. Sadly Faith died in 1879 aged 33 years old.

Miss Lings
Head Mistress (1866-1870).

Kate Brewer (1846-1917)
Head Mistress (1871-1875). On leaving West Hallam Girls School she became the Head Mistress at Stanley Common.

Roseann Kirby (1845-
Head Mistress (1876-1880).

Miss Ross
Head Mistress (1880- 1881).

Jessie Harriet Berry (1844-1910)
Head Teacher (1881-1901). She lived in the school house with her mother Janet.
Janet died in 1888. Teaching Assistant Mary Birkett then moved into the school house with Jessie. Sister Emma Hannah Berry was Head Mistress at Mapperley School.

Mary Birkett (1876-1904)
Teacher (1896-1903).

Jessie Berry and Mary Birkett were the Last Teachers to Live in School House

Wednesday 08 September 1909. The Bishop of Southwell, re-opened the Boy’s and Girl’s schools’ after major refurbishments. The Girl’s School being equipped with a fully fitted Cooking and Laundry facilities.

Amelia Mawby Piggin (1874-1921)
Head Mistress (1904-1912)

Annie Elizabeth Raby (1872-1952)
Cookery Teacher (1909-1915). Wife of Ernest Edrick Raby (1872-1935) Head Master of Scargill Boys School, School Square, West Hallam.

Helena “Nellie” Hartshorn (1892- 1989)
Pupil Teacher (1909-1910). Moved to New Windsor Girls School, Berkshire.

Margaret Trout (1871-1958)
Teacher (1909-1912).

Nora Fanny Hiorns (1882-1958)
Head Mistress (1912-

Vera Grace Clark (1903-1993)
Head Mistress (1932-1977).

Annie Mary Cliff (1868-1892)
Assistant School Teacher (1888-1892).

Constance Beryl Lowe (1905-1990)
Teacher (1939).

Kathleen Agatha Price (1919-2004)
Teacher (1938-1940).

Mary Ellen Dodds (1883-1963)
Head Mistress (1925 -1930).  Moved to Pottery Girls School Belper.

Henrietta Una Roe (1881-1931)
Head Mistress (1920-1925). Left West Hallam to open a Private Boarding and Day School. Known has the “Nouvelle” High School, 55 Ashbourne Road, Derby.

  Submitted by Roger Wood
March 2020. Received with Thanks

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