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West Hallam Scarecrow Trail

Introduction by founder, Peter Lilley of West Hallam

I had seen a couple of small Village Scarecrow Trails in Somerset and The Lakes and, admiring their quirkiness, had always thought - We could do that in West Hallam! In 2009 we stopped thinking and did something about it. Well Dressing week seemed to be a good time to do it - a captive audience, so to speak, so we did a leaflet drop around the village which resulted in us having almost 100 scarecrows on display in that first year. Over the next ten years the Scarecrow Trail has existed happily alongside the Well Dressing festival, each supporting the other.

Never intended to be a money making event, the Scarecrow Trail has nevertheless raised several thousand pounds for West Hallam charities over the years (The West Hallam Trust, West Hallam Village Hall Charity, West Hallam Animal Charities and of course, West Hallam Wells.) It is now firmly established on the Village calendar.

We look forward to the 11th annual Scarecrow Trail being another resounding success, celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of West Hallam residents.

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