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West Hallam

Ernest Edrick Raby (1872-1935)

Headmaster Scargill Boy’s School
West Hallam (1896-1933)

Ernest Edrick Raby was the youngest child of 5 children of Samuel Raby (Marble and Monumental Mason) and Elizabeth Theresa Raby of Drewry Lane, Derby.

At 17 he had taken up an appointment at St. Dunstan’s School, Cotton Lane, Derby as an Elementary school teacher, followed by training for his teaching Certificate at Saltley College, Birmingham. Qualifying in 1893 he continued his teaching commitments at St. Dunstan’s.

Things changed for Raby, when in March 1893 he gave evidence in Court, against a fellow teacher from St. Dunstan’s who had used excessive force on a school boy.

In 1895 Alfred Pitt, Headmaster of Scargill Boys School West Hallam, retired after 31 years service. 

Raby applied for the advertised position and was successful, commencing as the schools new Headmaster in 1896.

1896 was a major turning point in his life. Starting a new job and on Wednesday 26th August 1896 he married at St. James Church, Derby. Annie Elizabeth Russell of Douglas Street, Derby. The wedding was followed by a honeymoon spent in North Wales. On their return they lived in the School House, School Square West Hallam. Ernest continued with his Headship and Annie taught cookery at the Girl’s school. (Now the Village Hall).

In 1897 their first child and only son Eric Russell Raby was born (1897-1963).
Second child Una Russell Raby was born 1899. (1899-1969).
Third child Ella Russell Ray was born 1902. Sadly she died aged only 13 years old. (1902-1915).
Fourth and last child Enid Russell Raby was born 1909 (1909-1981).

Una Raby married her cousin Henry Kewley Raby (1896-1956) at St Wilfrid’s church in 1923 and followed her parents into the teaching profession. Una taught at Scargill Girls School from 1924, teaching for several terms. Later they moved to Burnt Farm Lodge in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire where Henry was able to carry out research in the textile industry. He took out a patent in 1950 for bonding decorated fabrics using adhesive threads.

Ernest Edrick Raby is still remembered and respected by a few remaining Scargillians living in the village. He was known as a strict but fair Headmaster. 

Keen to promote along with the 3 R’s, Science, sports and athletics, also practical skills (woodwork, pottery and gardening).

Serving on the Committee of the Schoolboys shield competition and founder member of the Derby and District Football League. He also introduced evening classes for the older boys, with the support of Frederick Matthew Brown, Director of Mapperley Colliery Company, who lived at ‘Beaumont’ house Park Hall Lane. They saw the need to support the boys after they left school and entered a working environment.

Mr Raby also introduced the Annual School Concert, which was performed each year in front of many honoured guests.

Many of his boys enlisted in the Great War. He stated at the unveiling ceremony of the Village War memorial how he was proud to have known every man named on the centre column.

Our 1900 photograph shows the boys dressed for their acting parts for the school production of the “Empire Day Concert”.  - Click Here To Go To Photo With Names -

Mr. F. A. Newdigate M.P had arrived from London to view the performance and distribute the school certificates and prizes. Eramus Foster Bostock the eminent “Photographer of Schools” from Derby took the photograph of the pupils standing outside the Boys school. 

Sadly many of the boys shown on the photograph are named on the memorial.

Sir Francis Alexander Newdigate C 1920

Ernest Edrick Raby retired as Headmaster after 37½ years service, retiring on March 2nd 1933. At his leaving party he announced, “He was not saying Goodbye as he was continuing his work as secretary of the Scargill Trust. He hoped to soon announce details for the Building of the New Central School”.

He died at home at the Gables West Hallam on the 5th October 1935 aged 63 years and is buried in St. Wilfrid’s church yard. (South East side of the church). His wife was laid to rest with him on 6th April 1952 aged 80 years.
His gravestone reads that he was “A true and Gallant Gentleman”.

The new secondary school was opened in 1935.

Two of their daughters are buried beside their parents Ella who died aged 13 years, buried September 28th 1915 and sister Una Raby who died November 16th 1969 aged 70 years.

Left Hand Grave - Ernest Edrick Raby and his wife Annie Elizabeth Raby.
Right Hand Grave - daughters Ella Raby and Una Raby.


Headstone of Ernest Edrick Raby

- Click Here For More Photographs of Ernest Raby -

Derby Telegraph - New School For West Hallam Opened 1935

R. Wood 2015

Ray and Ann

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