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West Hallam

New Floor and Rebuilding Outer Wall at St Wilfrid's 1982/3

"Foot o'floor"

The appeal now stands at just over £2,800 - and is still growing. Money is coming from as far away as New Zealand. Interest does not seem to wane. Thank God.

The last issue of the magazine was too full to include an up-to-date report on the floor, so rather belatedly we thank Flo Mepstead and her models who gave up their free time to stage a Fashion Show for us on 16th October. £80 was raised for the floor. So many people helped, and thanks to them that everything ran so smoothly.

The Old Time Music Hall on 28th November was a huge success. Held in the Village Hall, with Andrew Fry as M.C. and a cast of: Gale Fogg, Geraldine Malony, John Jordan, Bill Mathews, Chris Mellors, John Nickols, George Fogg, Michael Foy, Dennis Stokes, and pianists: Malcolm Speedon, Richard Clark and young Marcus David Copperfield Gregory. The hard work of serving drinks and food, preparing the hall, and clearing up afterwards was done by Bella Nickols, Eillen Fry, Julie Belk, Val Hamson and Katie Straw: to them our warmest thanks. A party atmosphere filled the hall and it is true to say that a good time was had by all. There are rumours that this was so popular that it might become an annual event perhaps it should be mentioned that as well as having such an enjoyable evening, £73 was raised for the Church floor!

At the Advent Concert held in Church on 9 December, the West Hallam Choral Society conducted by Lionel Fry, and the Ilkeston Brass joined in providing some beautiful music. We especially thank Lionel Fry for reminding us of some neglected composers.

Thanks to them all, and to Mona Broughton for arranging everything. It is believed that over £60 was raised for the fund!

With the money well in hand, we are happy to announce that the work is due to begin early this year. All the legal points have been taken care of, and everything is set at ‘go’.

It has been decided that the new floor should have a concrete-type base with a wood parquet finish. The slope which is to replace the entrance steps will be fairly gentle, and will have a heavy-duty absorbent matting to help not only our friends in wheel-chairs but mums with prams and push-chairs, and those with any difficulty in walking.

There is, of course, time for you to buy some floor. The square feet you buy need not be in memory of anyone, but should you decide on a memorial gift then the names will be recorded in the Book of Remembrance, for posterity.

Very many thanks to all who have so generously contributed so far. It is thanks to you that we can get started.

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